Photo: Inemom (eee-nie mom)


When I became a mother to my daughter I was determined to find the best natural products to use in my home for her and myself.  I had my daughter at home with two midwives and a doula and the wisdom they shared with me was invaluable.  Here is where I share with you what I learned as well as all the research I did on my own.  Now with my son I have gone through it all again and I have grown and learned in so many new ways.  He was born all natural like his sister, but in the hospital.  I still had my two midwives there and as a second time around mom, I have learned about the minimalism and intention we need to set as mothers for our children in this world that is inducted with a lot of information and media.  We like to slow down by being together in nature, doing family yoga and cooking together.

About Mellow Mama Remedies:

I began curating my line of Mama wellness products because I know that motherhood is special, motherhood is magical, and motherhood is hard.  So hard sometimes that as moms our own needs go unmet and we find ourselves heading down the road towards stress, overwhelm and burnout.

I know that as mothers, we must nourish and care for ourselves first, and only then can we nourish and care for our children and families.

In traditional Eastern medicine the mother is treated for her symptoms and the symptoms of her baby for both to regain health and vitality.

I created Inemom and all my products to support every Mama on her magical, unique and creative journey through motherhood using the wisdom of Mother Nature.

In health and happiness,


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