Montessori Learning Tower

We love our Learning Tower for its support in teaching our little one to help in everyday activities like preparing meals, washing hands and observing household activities. She’s twenty months old and able to be an active participant rather than a passive observer. The learning tower brings her at eye level so she is at the center of and can participate in all the action. In our house the kitchen is the central attraction: cooking, cleaning and self-care are just some of the things she is able to watch and help with. 

Lending a hand and doing things for herself has built our little one’s confidence as well as helped her develop new skills. She has fun and plays while learning hands on. By bringing her into our daily activities we reap the benefits of working together as a family and are shaping her into the whole,  capable human being that she is. 

The learning tower has creative open ended play capabilities as well: put a small blanket or sheet over the top and create a fort, fasten drapes to one side and you have a theater for a puppet show, lower or raise the platform for resting inside of or using as a desk…the options are endless. Most importantly, just remember to have fun! 

We have this learning tower. Here’s a great link to a blog that outlines the different types of learning towers available out there: