Preparing for a Natural & Active Birth in Supported Virasana

img_7816-1Today I looked back on a peaceful moment preparing for the upcoming birth of my little one in a photo of me in supported Virasana towards the end of my pregnancy. This is one of my favorite poses. It’s wonderful for quiet meditation, setting the day’s intention, reflecting and recollecting– both mentally and physically. It helped me stay centered and in tune with myself as I prepared for the hard work that was to come in labor and in childbirth. 

During my pregnancy it was the starting point for my daily home practice. Enabling me to connect with myself and my growing baby it served as a place for checking in with myself and baby and a safe place to start moving mindfully through the poses that followed.

I remember a wonderful teacher of mine in San Francisco, Nina Gold, who would have us sit in Virasana with eyes closed as she guided our mediation. She instructed us to move the flesh of our bottoms from our sit bones and “sit down there more.” In some of her classes I would try to follow along and struggle a bit. Other times I was able to feel my sitbones and “sit down there more.” On those days I felt the profound grounding and calming effect the pose and her words had on me. I was not only sitting with my body but with a calm mind. I was able to simply be in those moments. I felt like I had the whole world beneath me offering me support. And in a great sense I did.

I am particularly fond of Nina and her teaching style because I find her to be so precise. She would catch me doing silly things (like letting my floating ribs jet out in standing poses or over-extending my elbows in downward dog) that other teachers would let slide or simply not notice.

That is the beauty of Iyengar yoga. It is very precise in its origins. Open a copy of Light on Yoga and you will see what I mean. Detailed descriptions of how to get into each pose, the benefits and a photograph of the master himself demonstrating lend a beautiful picture into the embodiment of yoga that is the late B.K.S. Iyengar.

When he passed away in 2014 it was around the time this photo was taken. I was in a class led by another great teacher, Larry Lopez. I remember feeling the warm tears running down my cheeks unable to hold back as Larry led the incantation, voice cracking, releasing tears himself. A dedicated student of Iyengar’s, Larry had been traveling to India for many years to study under the great master. Larry has his own studio and school for Iyengar yoga, Bija Yoga, in the Inner Sunset district of San Francisco.

I cried that day because I was struck by the realization that I would never be able to study under Iyengar myself but also because of the sheer love and dedication I felt from my teacher and fellow students in the classroom. Iyengar yoga has had a profound effect on my life since it was introduced to me and this moment reminded me just how pure that influence really is.

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Living in Harmony with Yoga & Bach Flower Essences 

Ring in a Summer of L❤️VE with Queen’s pose: a heart-opening restorative asana that floods the body with the healing powers of love and a hand-blended bottle of Bach flower essences meant to nourish your ability to love and be loved!

I remember the first time I experienced this pose in a prenatal yoga class. It was a ground breaking moment in my pregnancy. I felt connected to and at peace with this new being I was growing inside me despite the changes going on in my body. I felt a release in my heart and the opening I needed in my body and mind to make room for this new life. I was preparing to welcome this baby in the most gentle and natural way possible.

I revisit this pose often to slow down, breathe and recharge. To calm the central nervous system with this highly beneficial pose. To feel the support beneath me and listen to my breath as I go inward and rejuvenate on a cellular level.

The corresponding Flower Formula to this restorative pose is called Summer of L-❤️-V-E, a hand-blended bottle (by me!) of carefully chosen Bach flower essences intended to nourish your ability to love and be loved. To be a vessel that receives love, radiates love and embodies love! The best part is… it’s powered by nature.

I began studying homeopathy & the Bach flower essences after my baby was born. I’ve been taking flower essences for most of my life. I’ve learned so much and feel it is important to share this gentle yet profound healing system with others. So I’m working on setting up my shop so I can do just that!

Leave a comment below or contact me directly to pre-order your own Summer of L❤️VE Flower Formula.

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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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Offering Support & Healing with Hand-Blended Bach Flower Essences 

 These bottles are a combination of eight Bach Flower Essences that I handmixed with love for a client today. 

The Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful set of remedies that can help you to achieve greater balance & harmony in your life in a simple, natural & effective way.

There are 38 Remedies to help you to balance 38 different states of mind & emotion. 

When making a specialty bottle, a combination of essences is mixed together just for you. From heart opening to stress relieving, there’s a combination bottle for everyone. 

Homeopathy for Roseola

Having the support of homeopathy when my daughter broke out in a terrible rash- after enduring four days of a high fever- was a life saver. There’s nothing worse than caring for a sick baby and feeling like there’s not much you can do to help her. That’s why I started studying homeopathic medicine.  

I referenced my notebooks and chose two remedies for my daughter: Rhus Tox 30c and Sulphur 30c and gave them both to her, 15 minutes a part. The rash calmed down after the first dose. 

The trouble is, because I had given her two remedies at once I was unsure which remedy it was that had helped her. No big deal, but I still wanted to know. 

I continued giving her both remedies and tried to mark the improvement after each one but it was too close to tell. That evening I brought her into the shower with me and before she even went under the water the rash flared up tremendously and she was in tears. The steam had been enough to irritate her. That’s when I knew it was Sulphur that she needed because one of its key components is a rash with symptoms that become worse with water. 

Sulphur 30c is what I’ve been giving her all day today (day 3 of the rash) and it’s made her feel so much better. Topically I’ve been applying Calendula gel and lotion (alternating between the two) and my daughter felt so much relief from the gel tonight that while I was applying it to her skin and blowing on it she rested her cheek on my shoulder and hugged me. She also wanted to put some on me to make me feel better too 🙂 
This was a tough week but we learned a lot. Hoping for a good night’s rest tonight and a healthy tomorrow 🙂 

I hope this information can help other little ones ❤️