Sepia: Woman’s Best Friend in Homeopathy

I have been feeling the ups and downs of my second pregnancy and its stark contrasts with my first: this time I have a toddler to care for unlike my first pregnancy when it was just me, my hubby, cat and pups!

Controlling the mood swings and keeping a level head are difficult when a big part of every toddler’s job is testing boundaries and mama’s patience.  With the hormones fluctuating and my body changing so much, I have needed Sepia in the 200c potency.  It has been helping me immensely.

But the thing with homeopathy is that you have to take your remedies three times a day religiously to really reap the benefits.  I feel that’s why a lot of people write the remedies off– because they don’t take the right remedy often enough so the remedy they take “doesn’t work.”  It does work, it just has to be carefully selected, which is why I have done so much training, and it has to be taken regularly, which is why I have so much respect for the remedies and they are such a big part of my life.  Otherwise, I forget to take them often enough and I am not reaping the benefits.

Since I order my remedies in large quantities, I have begun to repackage them into smaller personal bottles.  I keep one set of the remedies I am taking regularly in my bathroom and one in my purse.  This way I can take them as needed-3 times a day or more, depending on how I’m feeling that day.

Check back soon: Sepia 200c in a 1oz bottle will be available for purchase in my Esty shop.

Here is a lovely article I came across about the “Wise Woman” of homeopathy, the remedy of the cuttlefish ink, also known as Sepia and its immense benefits for all women.  I certainly have been feeling them.  I hope you enjoy!  Xoxo

Vitality Magazine: Sepia- Homeopathy’s Wise Woman


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