Prenatal Yoga Before Bedtime

I’ve written before about Queen’s Pose, the supported restorative version of reclined baddha konasana, and this is one of my favorite before bed poses to do, especially when pregnant.

But there is one other pose that I love doing before bed because it relaxes the mind and body so quickly and simultaneously opens the hips and back setting you up for restful sleep: Supported child’s pose.  Forward folds naturally relax the central nervous system and when they’re supported the results are two-fold.  By placing a bolster on the floor in front of you and spreading your knees a part, making sure your toes are touching, you rest one cheek on the bolster and breathe deeply.  After you’re ready to switch sides, gently support yourself with your hands, elbows bent, and turn your other cheek to rest on the bolster.  (Pic coming soon to demonstrate).  If one bolster is not enough height to support you comfortably, you can place an additional bolster on top or a yoga blanket or two.  When practicing this pose while pregnant make room for your belly comfortably at the foot of your bolster, do not rest on your belly.  You want your belly to hang freely and have space to open and the breath to expand naturally without constriction.  These restorative poses are wonderful birth prep as they open the hips, guide you towards the mind-body connection you’re looking to cultivate during labor and help you get the much-needed rest you need before giving birth and taking care of yourself and your little one.

Happy sleeping!