Homeopathy for Roseola

Having the support of homeopathy when my daughter broke out in a terrible rash- after enduring four days of a high fever- was a life saver. There’s nothing worse than caring for a sick baby and feeling like there’s not much you can do to help her. That’s why I started studying homeopathic medicine.  

I referenced my notebooks and chose two remedies for my daughter: Rhus Tox 30c and Sulphur 30c and gave them both to her, 15 minutes a part. The rash calmed down after the first dose. 

The trouble is, because I had given her two remedies at once I was unsure which remedy it was that had helped her. No big deal, but I still wanted to know. 

I continued giving her both remedies and tried to mark the improvement after each one but it was too close to tell. That evening I brought her into the shower with me and before she even went under the water the rash flared up tremendously and she was in tears. The steam had been enough to irritate her. That’s when I knew it was Sulphur that she needed because one of its key components is a rash with symptoms that become worse with water. 

Sulphur 30c is what I’ve been giving her all day today (day 3 of the rash) and it’s made her feel so much better. Topically I’ve been applying Calendula gel and lotion (alternating between the two) and my daughter felt so much relief from the gel tonight that while I was applying it to her skin and blowing on it she rested her cheek on my shoulder and hugged me. She also wanted to put some on me to make me feel better too 🙂 
This was a tough week but we learned a lot. Hoping for a good night’s rest tonight and a healthy tomorrow 🙂 

I hope this information can help other little ones ❤️

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