Layering for the Littles 

I’ve always been a big fan of layering so it’s no surprise I like to layer my daughter as well. When she was born I wasn’t really sure how to dress her. My mom told me that it’s best to put babies in a tshirt (onesie) and then put their clothes on top, like tshirt and leggings or a dress. I found that I liked this style of dressing my daughter because if she got cold or hot or needed a change of clothes along with her diaper change I would usually only have to change her undershirt and not her while outfit, plus I could easily take off or add on the layers. 

The problem was, the typical undershirts (onesies) I found were short sleeve and would get bunched up under her clothes. Long sleeve onesies were always great for warm weather but I found an even better solution for layering that I wanted to share: the camisole onesie! Because they don’t get bunched up, they’re easy to use as a first layer and they’re so comfortable for my daughter. 

The best part is, the ones that we love are made of soft organic cotton and come in three colors: soft pink, gray and white. They’re made by Burt’s Bees. You can find the camisole onesies here and the camisole tshirt here!



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