I’ve had this orchid since before my daughter was born which means it’s over two years old. I don’t usually have orchids that last me this long. This one is special because it’s always been on my kitchen window sill and I think that’s the reason why it has lasted so long. Orchids like a tropical environment and the kitchen sink has a certain humidity it offers from dishes and hands being washed as well as partial sunlight and warmth from the window. This plant has already bloomed twice since I’ve had it.

After we moved I wasn’t sure if it would bloom again. It skipped last spring. I clipped some of the older leafs and continued watering it once a week with the same routine: removing it from the pot, letting cold water run over the internal potting where the roots are and setting it on the dish drying rack for a few hours so the water can drip out. Then I place it back in the pink pot on the window sill. It seems to like this routine. After clipping the old stem where it used to bloom it’s flowers I wasn’t sure what would happen.

Just last week I noticed it had grown a totally new stem and is ready for its next debut. At least four little buds have formed. Can’t wait to see what the beautiful new blossoms look like in a few weeks! I love this little plant 💗🌸

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Plum life 

Morning plums looking good 🙌🏼

A fresh fruit mono-meal is a great way to start the day! Mono meals are easy on the digestive system. 

Our friends grew these in their backyard. It’s such a treat to eat seasonal fruit goodies from the garden. 

My morning ritual always includes a cup or two of tea. According to Chinese medicine it is wise to start the day with warm liquids. 

Lately I’ve been drinking lots of Tulsi tea from India. I just love the different flavors and the natural stress-relieving properties of the holy basil leaf. It is truly a wonderful tea to drink daily. The sweet rose and original flavors are my two favorites. 

Living in Harmony with Yoga & Bach Flower Essences 

Ring in a Summer of L❤️VE with Queen’s pose: a heart-opening restorative asana that floods the body with the healing powers of love and a hand-blended bottle of Bach flower essences meant to nourish your ability to love and be loved!

I remember the first time I experienced this pose in a prenatal yoga class. It was a ground breaking moment in my pregnancy. I felt connected to and at peace with this new being I was growing inside me despite the changes going on in my body. I felt a release in my heart and the opening I needed in my body and mind to make room for this new life. I was preparing to welcome this baby in the most gentle and natural way possible.

I revisit this pose often to slow down, breathe and recharge. To calm the central nervous system with this highly beneficial pose. To feel the support beneath me and listen to my breath as I go inward and rejuvenate on a cellular level.

The corresponding Flower Formula to this restorative pose is called Summer of L-❤️-V-E, a hand-blended bottle (by me!) of carefully chosen Bach flower essences intended to nourish your ability to love and be loved. To be a vessel that receives love, radiates love and embodies love! The best part is… it’s powered by nature.

I began studying homeopathy & the Bach flower essences after my baby was born. I’ve been taking flower essences for most of my life. I’ve learned so much and feel it is important to share this gentle yet profound healing system with others. So I’m working on setting up my shop so I can do just that!

Leave a comment below or contact me directly to pre-order your own Summer of L❤️VE Flower Formula.

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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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