How to maintain stain-free baby clothes

No harsh fragrances

No extra scrubbing or soaking

No harsh detergents

Just put your laundry in the wash on a regular cycle with these two ingredients and you will have fresh clean, stain-free laundry once you’re finished!

As a new mom I’ve been doing extra laundry that has stains from baby poop, pee, sweat, spit-up… You name it! And a lot of baby’s clothes are white. I don’t have a lot of extra time to spend using spot removers or soaking clothes and I’m conscious about using gentle products in baby’s laundry. So what are they, you’re asking? All right, I’ll tell you!

Ecover Zero liquid laundry detergent (supposed to be one of the safest detergents on the market without harmful additives, chemicals or harsh fragrances)


Seventh Generation non-chlorine bleach (unscented)

img_8914 (1)

Add half a cap of Ecover Zero and about 1/2 a cup of the non-chlorine bleach to your regular cycle and stained clothes will come out clean!!

Try to wash clothes soon after the staining occurs for best results 🙂

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