A great first food for baby & some cool baby food prep tools

img_8916 (1)

Avocado is a great first food for baby because it’s highly nutritious, rich in good fats and you don’t have to do much preparation.

Here’s what I did: I mashed up a quarter of an organic avocado in a small stainless steel mixing bowl and added a generous amount of breastmilk to form a smooth, liquidy consistency. I transferred the mixture into a ceramic dish and offered baby small amounts to taste from a little spoon. It was home made and easy 🙂

The tools we used to prepare and feed baby with were handpicked with a lot of thought and love. Some of the items we had at home, some were purchased online and some we got the day of at Nathan & Co, a local shop in Rockridge. 

Baby food prep & feeding tools:

img_8912 (1)

 Core Kitchen Bamboo + Silicone All-Purpose Spatula for mashing

Core Kitchen Bamboo + Silicone Pointed Spatula for slicing and spreading

Core Kitchen Bamboo + Silicone Spoon for multipurpose use

It took me a really long time to find stainless steel baby spoons that were made in USA and not made of plastic. They were purchased online here:

Baby Liberty Soft-Bite Spoons

What we had at home:

Miniature stainless steel mixing bowl for preparing the mash

Miniature ceramic bowl for serving

img_8917 (1)

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